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Moms are very cool and they never make us fool. Nothing could be more absurd. A mother gets tired but still she smiles. India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and culture, should excel in fine arts, handicrafts, sculpture, architecture, dance, drama, literature, poetry, music, and her vast knowledge in vedas, puranas, etc and satisfy the human quest for further knowledge and for the betterment, welfare and service of mankind.

There will be complete justice in every corner of our country. In over fifty seven years it has increased to about 65 percent, which clearly indicates that even today about 35 percent of the population over million people in our country are still illiterate. India fortunately has a large number of well qualified English speaking population, which is needed in this kind of enterprise.

The problem is to make it as good as a school to which you and I might want to send our child. A mother has kind and beautiful heart. We have to protect our hard-earned freedom. Self-sufficiency ought to be achieved in all spheres.

You should also give a brief background about your company or project and what you want your slogan to convey. I love my country and I want to be the best in the world. There are a variety of dreams and formats to choose from and therefore, I will limit my dreams to five other areas, apart from the ones I have listed from Edward Luce and apart from the UNDP goals of good governance, all of which nevertheless continue to be important.

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A classes and casteless India, a country which all Indians can be truly proud of. Moms are rock and run like a clock. No one can be a best friend like a mom. India ha a rich past. At the time of independence, the country was in turmoil, its economy had been shuttered and there was unrest all around.

Moms are iron lady on the earth. The third was the HIV-AIDS epidemic, which according to some is at the moment seemingly remote, but in absolute figures in the near future may become a very dangerous figure. Industrialization has taken place. There is also a need for paying specific attention to some important and vital issues.

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Such laws are as old as human society; as old as the love of life; as old as industry; as the idea of prosperity; as old as human love. A very remarkable philosophical thinker, Acharya Mahapragya, put it very nicely. Some preconditions and regulations were imposed from onwards.

I am an Indian. Indian universities have fared poorly in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the year and none of them finds a place even in the top Average life span has increased.

It is believed that prior to 19th century India was a great manufacturing country. Mothers are like candle who melt themselves to enlighten our life. India maintained a favorable policy towards foreign direct investment till Part 2 October 21,2: Such laws are as old as human society; as old as the love of life; as old as industry; as the idea of prosperity; as old as human love.

The annual collation of data on teachers employed in higher education has led to an uncomfortable discovery: Means of transpiration and communication have undergone a sea change. He said the four critical problems were first lifting now million odd people out of absolute poverty.India of my dreams is a peaceful, progressive, literate country free from the pangs of poverty, where every citizen feels safe and secure, where health facilities are provided top all and where the women of the country are treated with utmost dignity and respect.

The India of my dreams will bring heaven to earth. There will be Ram Rajya in true sense of the term. Women empowerment and equality: The position and status of women in India is low. Free Essays on Slogans On India Of My Dreams.


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INDIA. MY DREAMS current whispers the slogans of my ambitious education be all that you can be My reading and writing experience Reading and writing are unforgettable memories of ones childhood and college years.

They provide a strong foundation for rest of our lives. Long before these commandments were given there were codes of laws in India and Egypt—laws against murder, perjury, larceny, adultery and fraud.

Such laws are as old as human society; as old as the love of life; as old as industry; as the idea of prosperity; as old as human love.

Short Essay on India of My Dreams Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 3, By Vikash Pathak Contents: National character of India, growth of science and industry, India as a mighty country, social and economic justice, and Women empowerment and equality.

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India of my dreams slogans writing a business
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